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Roll Paper Dispenser Model "Junior"
The paper vending machines work for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Do not miss this excellent business opportunity, Earn income at the very time you install your vending machine and recover your investment in the short term.

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Toilet paper Vending Machine Model "Junior"
Basic profitable Equipment

The toilet paper vending machine model "Junior" is ideal equipment for low traffic sites and offers excellent performance. (See chart). Its metal sheet made cabinet have anti vandal guards. The toilet paper vending machines is ideal for Entrepreneurs, Hospitals, Factories, Clubs, Schools and many more places, with the great advantage that the market is still virgin. This equipment allows you to generate profit; save on cleaning costs and prevents waste and misuse of toilet paper.

The toilet paper vending machines business is very profitable, easy to operate and gives you the assurance that you will profit at the very time you install your vending machine and recover your investment in a short period.




Small school

Product: Toilet paper Vending Machine.
Model: Junior
Capacity: Accepts industrial rolls of toilet paper from any brand: Kleenex, Georgia Pacific, Marli from 200 to 600 meters.
Dimensions: 58 cm high X 46 cm wide x 18 cm deep.
Electronic machine: Works with 110 V (factory setting) or 220 V, as well as with battery.
Cabinet caliber 18 steel sheet.
Sales Control via automatic counter machine.
Security padlock for the door with his set of 2 keys.
Security padlock for the coin box with set of 2 keys.
Resistant Polycarbonate Window, to verify the existence of product.
Improved hygiene, paper ships automatically without the assistance of any person.
Options Tokens or Coins.
Easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Support technical and electronic.
Warranty 1 year, signed.



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Vending machines have high strength components.
We test the proper operation of all our vending machines before delivery.
All our vending cabinets are made of 18 caliber steel sheet.
All our mechanical vending machines works without electric energy.
Our vending machines have solid and reliable coin validators
We apply a durable white electrostatic paint covering on the cabinet of the vending machines against oxidation.
We place a strong self-adhesive vinyl with an attractive design for end customers.
We apply an anti graffiti covering on the self sticking vinyl of all our vending machines, this maintains the design in good condition and it’s easy to clean.
Vending machines with easy to use interface and needs minimal maintenance.
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